Frequently Asked Questions

Reversible Belt – How do I adjust the buckle?

Gently pull the buckle away from the strap and turn the buckle so it now faces the reverse side of the belt.



Reversible Belt
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Delivery Information

Orders are despatched within 1 to 2 business days via Australia Post – Registered.

Australia Post Delivery Times as at May 2024;   

  • Within Victoria:  2 to 4 business days
  • Other States/Territories:  3 to 6 business days

You can track the status of your parcel via the Australia Post tracking service

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Care Instructions


For a light clean, or to remove excess oil, wipe the belt with a dry cloth.  Do not place your belt in the washing machine or expose it to extreme heat.

Keep It Dry

Water is the biggest threat to leather.  Therefore, if your leather belt is exposed to water, make sure you dry it up as soon as possible. To dry the excess water, blot it with a dry towel then hang the belt to air dry.

Do not use hair dryers or any heat source to speed up the drying process as these can make the leather dry and brittle. It’s better to hang your belt in an open area and let it dry on its own.


How and where you store your leather belts also dictates its shelf life and appearance.  If you store your belt in a humid place it can develop mildew and turn a greyish colour. If caught early, you can remove it by wiping the belt with a dry cloth.  On the other hand, when exposed to too much sunlight, leather belts tend to dry up, causing them to become stiff and sometimes crack.

Belts will look their best when stored on a hanger.

Animal Prints

All animal prints (for example Crocodile, Ostrich and Leopard) are NOT the real deal.

Animal prints are achieved by embossing or printing the leather.

Exotic hides are very expensive, so by embossing or printing the leather you achieve the look without the price tag.  This option is also more socially and environmentally conscious option.